what are the rights of the Saura Estate ?

As the sole heir of Antonio Saura, the Estate is the holder of all intellectual property rights and the rights deriving from the person of Antonio Saura.

In the name of intellectual property, the Antonio Saura Estate is the principal entity exercising and asserting copyright, in particular all rights touching on:

1. reproduction;
2. representation;
3. resale;
4. distribution;
5. the integrity of the work of art.

1. The right of reproduction

This is the right to reproduce copies of the work, regardless of the form that reproduction takes. Thus, any attaching or application of a work by Antonio Saura to any medium other than the original is subject to the right of reproduction (for example, reproduction of a work on a printed or electronic support, a CD or a CD-ROM, etc.).

Before reproducing a work, the interested party must first contact one of the agents. The agents are entitled to issue authorisations to reproduce the works of Antonio Saura and to collect royalties for such reproduction.
ADAGP is the Antonio Saura Estate's appointed agent.

11, rue Duguay-Trouin
FR-75006 Paris
tel.: +33 (0) 1 43 59 09 79


2. The right of representation

This is the right to represent a work by any process (print, exhibition, internet, etc.).

In this regard, the Saura Estate can, for example, prohibit carrying out a publication or an exhibition if it considers that the said publication or exhibition impinges on the right of representation, which is solely exercised by the Saura Estate.

3. The right of resale

This is the right to a share in the proceeds of a sale by public auction of a work by Antonio Saura.

4. The right of distribution

This is the right to make a work accessible to an undefined number of persons outside the private sphere of the artist.

The right of distribution of Antonio Saura’s works is exercised by his executor, Olivier Weber-Caflisch. By agreement with the Saura Estate, Mr Weber-Caflisch takes decisions regarding in particular the publication of writings and the reproduction or exhibition of works unknown to the public.

5. The right of integrity

This is the right to ensure respect for the integrity of the work, i.e., to ensure respect both for the physical integrity of the work (the work in its entirety) and its destination or use.

For example, the Saura Estate has initiated proceedings to impound works when they are known to have been damaged or “recomposed” by unscrupulous persons. This is sometimes the case with some of the artist’s “montages” and “polyptychs”, elements of which have been separated to be sold individually.

Lastly, and in application of the different rights concerned, the Saura Estate as a rule initiates appropriate proceedings to defend the name and image of Antonio Saura.