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Permitted private use:

Private use of this website notably includes the use of the texts, pictures, photographs and documentation for non-commercial educational purposes such as in teaching, research, reviews, commentary or press reporting. Users seeking materials for such ends are welcome and may download or print texts, pictures, photographs or documentation without the express consent of the Antonio Saura Estate. However, users must cite the author and the source of the contents as they would in the case of any publication. Any quotation must mention "© Succession Antonio Saura / www.antoniosaura.org / ADAGP". Users who download, print or employ in any manner texts, pictures, photographs or documentation from this website explicitly agree to use these documents in compliance with the law respecting Antonio Saura’s copyright and the rights to his name and image, as well as the photographers’ own copyrights.

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Commercial use of any part of this website is strictly forbidden. Anyone who wishes to make use of a text, image, photograph or document from this website for commercial purposes should obtain prior written consent from the Antonio Saura Estate, together with the consent of any photographer who has not transferred his/her rights to the Antonio Saura Estate. Permission for such use is granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Antonio Saura Estate or the photographer.

To request permission to reproduce a work of art or photograph available on the website, users are asked to contact the authorised agents, in particular:

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