Antonio Saura / L’œuvre imprimé | La obra gráfica / Catalogue raisonné

Olivier Weber-Caflisch and Patrick Cramer, postface by
Marcel Cohen, Patrick Cramer éditeur, Geneva, 2000

This catalogue raisonné is edited by Olivier Weber-Caflisch and Patrick Cramer.

It includes a description and reproduction of the 632 engravings, lithographs and silk-screen prints created by the artist. When a work is an integral part of a book, album or catalogue, it is also described.

By way of a preface, the volume begins with a “Note on the print work” by Olivier Weber-Caflisch, which is followed by a text on how to use the catalogue. The book then moves on to list chronologically each of the prints accompanied by a black-and-white or colour reproduction. Several photographs of Antonio Saura are scattered throughout the book, which also includes a chronological index, an alphabetical index, and an index of the authors of the books illustrated by Saura. In addtion, this catalogue comes with an afterword by Marcel Cohen, who addresses the links the artist maintained with publishing and book illustration. Except for the specifications of the prints, which are written in French, all texts are in French and Spanish.

The catalogue is available from:
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