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catalogue raisonné of the posters

Antonio Saura / Les affiches | Los carteles / Catalogue raisonné

Olivier Weber-Caflisch & Jean Charles Giroud, 28.8 x 22.8 cm | 135 pages | 286 ill. in colour | hardcover | 2023 | archives antonio saura éditeur
ISBN 978-2-940435-08-1 (texts in French and Spanish)
Catalogue raisonné edited by Olivier Weber-Caflisch and Jean-Charles Giroud. The catalogue was designed and produced by the publishing department of the antonio saura foundation archives.

In its print version, the catalogue raisonné of posters features a description and reproduction of the 91 original posters, that is, the posters that were entirely designed and produced by Saura, as well as a description and reproduction of the 130 posters that were devoted to him but which the artist had no hand in.

In addition, the catalogue includes a selection of 52 posters that are most representative of the artist, a chronological index, an alphabetical index, and finally an essay by Olivier Weber-Caflisch on the creative process behind designing and printing a poster that also touches on many items in the Antonio Saura archives, notes, sketches, assemblages and other projects that were involved in the various steps of making a poster, from design to printing it off.

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In its digital version, the catalogue raisonné of posters is available here by activating the catalogue raisonné of posters. The on-site version features the catalogue raisonné of posters strictly speaking, as well as the chronological index and the alphabetical index.