Authentication of works by Saura is jointly carried out by the antonio saura foundation archives, the Antonio Saura Estate and Olivier Weber-Caflisch. They are also responsible for publishing the various catalogues raisonnés devoted to Saura and his output.

Certificates of authenticity are delivered by the foundation or by Mr Weber-Caflisch on the foundation’s behalf. 

As a general rule, no certificate of authenticity is delivered without a prior physical examination of the works in question.

In some rare instances, certificates of authenticity are drawn up without the work being physically present. This only occurs when the works are already duly recorded in the foundation’s archives.

Marina Saura is the sole holder of the moral right to the work. Consequently, when a work is not authentic, she will initiate appropriate legal action, begin procedures to have it impounded, and request that it be destroyed. 

Steps to obtain a certificate of authenticity:

1. Please send the following material to the foundation:
- high resolution images, 100 MG minimum, in RGB and 8 Bit mode, featuring the front and the back of the work. The lighting must be professional and uniform. The photo of the front must include a colour chart that doesn’t cover the printed image;
- transfer the folders by WeTransfer (or similar) to these two email addresses: &
- three 18 x 24 cm colour prints of the front as well as the back of the work when the latter displays any handwritten marks, a title, signature, etc. The photo of the front must include a colour chart that doesn’t cover the printed image.This material must be sent to the foundation by normal post, NOT registered post; you must agree by email beforehand on the date of arrival;
- all information and documentation concerning the work’s provenance that you can provide.

2. If the work has not been duly catalogued in the foundation’s archives, please make an appointment in writing with the foundation to arrange for the work to be examined. For the examination, you should have a passport or valid ID as well as a photocopy of the document that has been submitted.

3. Once we have received the photographic documentation described above, examined the work, and consulted the foundation archives, the foundation will notify in writing the person looking to authenticate a work whether it is indeed authentic or not.

4. If the work is authentic, the foundation will send an invoice to the person requesting a certificate of authenticity. The cost of such a certificate is
€ 3,000.- for works on canvas and  € 1,500.- for works on paper or any other support (postal charges not included). Payment should be made to:
Crédit Suisse / Geneva
CH - 1211 Geneva 70 
Addressee: Fondation Archives Antonio Saura
Account no. 861995-22, payable in EUR
IBAN: CH67 0483 5086 1995 2200 0

5. Upon receipt of the payment, the foundation will draw up the certificate of authenticity and send it by registered post to the person requesting the certificate.

All photographic documentation and correspondence received in connection with drawing up a certificate of authenticity will not be returned and becomes the property of the foundation.

The foundation draws up a single copy of the certificate of authenticity. No duplicates will be made.

Address all correspondence and documentation by post to:
archives antonio saura
Pallanterie 11 a
CH – 1252 Meinier, Geneva

For further information:
Contact the Antonio Saura Foundation Archives
tel. + 41 22 310 30 70