The antonio saura foundation archives is the keeper of Antonio Saura’s archives in their entirety.

The archives, forming an extensive record of the artist's life, comprise a number of subsets, namely a collection of photographic portraits; a collection of photographs of the artworks; the artist’s private correspondence with painter and writer friends; his correspondence with dealers, publishers and museums; the annotated manuscripts and typescripts of his writings; numerous studio notebooks; documents relating to exhibitions; and a significant corpus of images that Saura collected and catalogued according to the genres and themes he took as his own and painted.

This collection is regularly supplemented by new photographs and other documents or information concerning his work.

The archives are an inexhaustible source for approaching Saura's work and understanding his thinking. They form the basis for the published catalogue raisonné of printed work and the catalogue raisonné of posters, as well as the catalogue raisonné of painted work and the catalogue raisonné of works on paper and other supports. The latter two have not yet been completed and published.

This extensive record is available to researchers and museum curators. Requests to consult the archives must be submitted in writing to the antonio saura foundation archives, along with a brief description of the purpose of your research.

How do I submit a request?
Send your request (by post only) to:
archives antonio saura
Pallanterie 11a
CH – 1252 Meinier, Geneva

For further information:
Contact the antonio saura foundation archives
tel. + 41 22 310 30 70