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Antonio Saura / Painting at Will, Opera Gallery, London

February 29 - March 26 2024

Opera Gallery London
65 - 66 New Bond Street
UK - W1S 1RW London
tél. +44 (0)20 7491 2999

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Antonio Saura / Les affiches | Los carteles / Catalogue raisonné

Olivier Weber-Caflisch & Jean Charles Giroud, 28.8 x 22.8 cm | 135 pages | 286 colour ill.  | hardback | 2023 | archives antonio saura éditeur
ISBN 978-2-940435-08-1 (in French and Spanish)

Catalogue raisonné edited by Olivier Weber-Caflisch and Jean-Charles Giroud.
The catalogue raisonné was designed and produced by the publishing department of the antonio saura foundation archives. The catalogue raisonné of posters, strictly speaking, features the description and reproduction of the 91 original posters, that is, the posters that were entirely designed and produced by the artist, as well as a description and reproduction of the 130 posters devoted to him but which the artist had no hand in. The catalogue also includes a selection of 52 posters that are most representative of the artist, a chronological index, an alphabetical index, and finally an essay by Olivier Weber-Caflisch on the creative process behind designing and printing a poster which also touches on many items in the Antonio Saura archives, notes, sketches, assemblages, and other projects that were involved in the various steps in producing a poster, from design to printing it off.

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archives antonio saura
Pallanterie 11a
CH - 1252 Meinier, Geneva
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The NFT market must be built in respect of copyright:


Press release



The irruption of NFTs on the art market has given rise to speculation on an unprecedented scale in recent months. All over the world, many operators have launched, often in haste, initiatives aiming to offer for sale new or pre-existing works attached to these digital tokens registered in the blockchain.

If NFTs offer a relevant answer to the problem of selling digital artworks, by allowing artists to individualize dematerialized originals, other uses that go beyond this initial framework have quickly emerged. In particular, non-fungible tokens are increasingly used to market digital copies of works fixed by the artist on a physical medium such as a painting or a sculpture, often without the cooperation of the artist or his or her beneficiaries. In addition, some digital artworks associated with an NFT reproduce works by other artists without their consent or that of their estate.

It is important that the market players keep in mind the basic legal rules that apply, at the risk of being held liable.

It must be recalled, in the clearest way, that according to the rules applicable to copyright, established at an international level, any reproduction and any communication to the public of a work of art, whether it is partial or total, can only take place with the consent of the artist or his or her successors. In the absence of authorization from the rights holder, it is legally an infringement that can lead to civil and/or criminal proceedings.

The commercialization of a work associated with an NFT is not exempt from this rule: no one is allowed to offer a digital work on a sales platform, nor to inject it into a metaverse, without the agreement of the arist or his or her beneficiaries (heirs, foundations, etc.). The usurpation of the identity of an artist can also give rise, on other legal grounds, to heavy sanctions.

It is the responsibility of anyone considering an NFT project related to an artist's work to ensure that the necessary authorizations are obtained from the relevant rights holders or copyright collective management organizations.

Technology is the ally of creation when it is deployed in a way that respects aritsts' rights. The NFT market must be built in a well thought out and structured way, so that the technologicial and economic models that are being developed are legally secured, in the interest of all stakeholders.



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To facilitate authorization requests for artworks to be used in creating NFTs, the signatories have launced a website,