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by Eduardo Arroyo, Bartolomé Bennassar, Antonio Saura
Spanish and French editions, both with English translations by Charles Penwarden and Paul Burns
25,3 x 22,5 cm · 135 pages · 80 colour illustrations · 6 in black and white · hardback without dust jacket
Spanish edition: ISBN 978-2-8257-1062-3
French edition: ISBN 978-2-8257-1061-7
€ 19,00 / CHF 19,00

This book reveals for the first time a suite of drawings by Antonio Saura about General Franco and the Spanish Civil War.
This series of drawings belongs in the tradition of Goya’s Disasters of War and follows on from the many works on paper about war and its attendant calamities made by Saura himself.
For Saura these iconoclastic and irreverent works were simply “satirical” drawings that attacked and mocked, often quite savagely, the figure of General Franco, as well as his regime and the Catholic Church.
It is introduced by the text that Saura wrote about this series under the title Lie and Dream of Franco – A Modern Parable, in overt contrast to Picasso and his Dream and Lie of Franco.
After it comes a study by Bartolomé Bennassar, a major historian of Spain and Francoism, who has set out to interpret the titles of the works in order to place each drawing in its historical context, and several texts by Eduardo Arroyo, a man of many parts, at once a painter, sculptor and visual artist and a prolific writer, who has been inspired to write sixteen texts about these works and to choose the drawings that best illustrate his words.

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